A Nice Day for a Climate Demo

If a freelancer goes on strike, does anyone notice? Apart from the freelancer, who then ends up having to work the missing hours at another time to catch up.That didn’t stop me heading down the hill into the clearing mist to attend Bigtown’s second youth strike, we old people having been invited to join in.

misty morning

I even made a sign this time, having failed the last time.

bikes not bypasses

This wasn’t on the scale or Edinburgh or Glasgow (or even Kirkcudbright, if the photos on Facebook were anything to go by) but it is an encouraging move and was mostly well received by the passing shoppers of Bigtown. It even turned into something of an ‘open mike’ demo with everyone who had anything to say invited to take a turn at the megaphone. The kids, I have to say, were better at this than the adults, not being given to anything like as much rambling.

No politicians bothered to attend, but after someone pointed out that the Secretary of State for Scotland’s offices were just round the corner, a couple of us did venture round afterwards to see if our MP fancied a word. He wasn’t in (and apparently almost never is – his consituency hours haven’t been upated since May), so we left our signs on his door instead.

And then we sat in the sun and put the world to rights for an hour or so. I suppose I should worry more that we’re able to do this in September at all …

Hopefully the weather will last until Sunday when we’ll be demoing again, in a far more fabulous way (for a certain value of fabulous, at least as far as I’m concerned).

Fancy Women Bike Ride

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