Cry Me a River

Regular readers of this blog will know that there’s almost no weather I will not (albeit sometimes with a certain amount of whingeing) cycle in. However, almost a year ago, I finally started to learned how to let discretion be the better part of valour. This year, it didn’t take me being blown into a hedge sideways to give up the my planned social engagement this afternoon – one look at the weather forecast was enough to have me cancel and spend the day largely watching the weather gods do their worst from the cosy vantage of my study.

I did venture out once to pick up a parcel from the UPS man (and watching him battle with his van door was confirmation enough that I’d made the right decision) and then to quickly harvest some kale from the garden. Back in the old place, I’d have been spending much of the time trying to clear the drains with sticks and watching the flood waters rise in the yard, but one advantage of living on a massive hill is that the water doesn’t hang around and we’re no longer at threat of flooding if we don’t keep on top of the drainage. On the downside, we’re also no longer within walking distance of the ford (and my local correspondent declined to flood out her car just to go and check for me) so I can’t report whether it recorded a new high score. I feel a little sad about this, though not so sad that I was willing to go and check it out myself, by any means. And besides, what use is a ford when your entire road has become a river?

water pouring down the road

Here’s hoping it will at least wash away the worst of the thorns. Every cloud, and all that…

4 Responses to Cry Me a River

  1. Charles says:

    Live to fight another day is a good motto. The worst of it is if you get blown over the damage takes much longer to heal at 60 than it does at 20. Aged 14 it was actually pretty difficult to do yourself much damage unless you got hit by a car. Not that you are 60, obvs, but I am next birthday.

    Besides which cycling in water wings is not a good look.

  2. Bob McLean says:

    Hopefully you’ll be able to get out to vote. Watching all that from across the Pond.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Charles – I’m certainly nearer 60 than 14 …
    @Bob – I managed that at least, for all the good it did me

  4. […] out the fact that we’ve had no landline since before the new year and crappy internet since the last deluge – but given today’s forecast was similarly grim, it would be a complete lie. True, I […]

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