Let the Gadding About Recommence

After a relatively quiet couple of months spent mostly wearing  groove between our house and Bigtown, I’m about to start getting the full use out of my Club 18-50 card again with a trip today to Glasgow, followed by overnight stops next week in Edinburgh, Inverness and, er, Duns for such is the glamour of my life when Back on my Bike has her way with my schedule.

Today was a meeting about inclusive cycling, which was interesting and engaging – but I couldn’t help contrasting it with yesterday’s experience when we were out with Bigtown’s accessible cycling group doing some actual inclusive cycling, in the rain, with fairy lights* and having a whale of a time.

Fans of Stephen will be pleased to know he’s there, albeit still on his trike, probably having the best time of all.

There’s another video to be made of us all attempting to get across the toucan crossing at the end to get back onto the cycle path which shows the limits of Bigtown’s cycling infrastructure, but that’s a topic for another day. However, I’m beginning to suspect that if we all spent less time in meeting rooms talking about inclusion, and more time on trikes and bikes and rickshaws and handcycles getting out there and doing it, then we might well make faster progress. And definitely have a lot more fun.

* Including the police, who were just getting their bikes all set up to join us when they were called away urgently to arrest a miscreant. I hope that they managed to take the fairy lights off their handlebars before they did so, for the dignity of all concerned …

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