There is a Light that will Never Go Out…

… unless it turns out your tealights are rather old and almost burnt down to the bottom.

snail tealights

Having waded through about 15 pages of ‘leaving the EU’ coverage in the Guardian this morning, I’m not sure what more there is I can add on the subject. I know not there are many reasons why the country voted for Brexit, but I still think we’ve signed up for a race to the bottom we can’t win, while bringing a lot of xenophobia out into the open from wherever it was festering before. So I marked the occasion last night by lighting a candle (once I’d found one that would stay lit*) in the spirit of ‘leaving a light on’ so that Scotland, at least, might be able to find its way back, even if the rest of the UK declines to.

candle flame

For those worrying, the flame wasn’t quite as near to the POP flag as it looks here. Although I did wonder how many remainers started house fires last night from leaving candles burning unattended …

It is especially galling to be leaving just as I discovered this afternoon that German women’s trousers – or one pair, at least – are actually designed so that they fit me (AND have pockets).

Depending on how the trade negotiations go, it seems I’ve got 11 months to get myself to Germany and stock up.

* Possibly it was unwise to use one of our emergency powercut candles for this purpose …

4 Responses to There is a Light that will Never Go Out…

  1. Bob McLean says:

    If I might paraphrase Lord Buckethead (in referring to Brexit), it’s going to be a “Clusterfuck”. So I bid you…Good Luck.

  2. Andy in Germany says:

    You’d be welcome in Stuttgart if you decide to go Trouser Hunting.

    I can write a reference to the German Embassy if it comes to that…

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