A Short Walk in a Different Wood


Today being Day-How-Can-It-Only-Be-Two of lockdown, and an impossibly lovely spring day to boot, I tempted the other half onto the bike for our state-sanctioned single period of exercise to vary our usual tramp up through the nearest woodland and back.

at the bridge

We are so massively fortunate to be here. I can’t say our roads were any quieter than normal, but that’s mainly because it’s they’re quiet all the time anyway so it’s hard to tell the difference. There were perhaps a few more bikes out on the road than normal, but we were able to keep our distance from everyone but each other and the tractor driver who decided that coronavirus or no coronavirus, a metre is plenty when you’re squeezing past a cyclist.

bikes in the woodland

I’m not really that used to just going out for a bike ride – most of my trips on the bike have a purpose in mind, however tenuous. Today was mainly just about getting out and enjoying the first properly nice day of the year, although we did also gather some wild garlic in the woods by the waterfall for our supper, which I suppose counts as going to get food.

bridge over the waterfall

Oh, and seeing as we were in the area …

low water at ford

2 Responses to A Short Walk in a Different Wood

  1. Autolycus says:

    Inspecting the ford must be an essential service, surely.

  2. disgruntled says:

    For some reason, it appears to have been left out of government guidelines

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