Spider Woman

With lockdown comes many things, and one of them is the feeling that I really ought not to be putting off all those annoying little tasks I’ve been meaning to get on with when I’ve finally got time to do them. Normally, I just wait for a bit until the feeling goes away but our large main spider plant has been sitting in the downstairs bathroom looking miserable for a while now and, despite the arrival of spring, was showing no signs of perking up.

It also had a large number of spiderlings which were looking a lot more healthy than the parent plant. I did wonder whether it was suffering from having all its growing offspring hanging off it so I decided they could do with a spot of social distancing by each getting their own pot. And besides, it was raining and I fancied an excuse to spend an hour in the greenhouse doing gardening things, after we’d been out on our slightly truncated government-sanctioned walk.

Anyway, once out of the pot it was clear that this was not a well plant. I’ve long been of the opinion that you can’t kill a spider plant but I’d clearly managed to have a good go at it. The bottom half of the roots were dying off and the two resident woodlice were clearly enjoying feasting on the results. If nothing else, I needed to rehome the spiderlings in case the mothership didn’t make it. All six of them …

spider plants and babies

Assuming all survive (and I’ve yet to have a baby spider plant not ‘take’) this will add to the existing four spider plant babies I didn’t manage to turn into something else before the lockdown started – some of which are already busy having babies of their own. So far, we’ve (just) got enough windowsills to house them all but if the lockdown continues for much longer, then when liberation comes, we may have to fight my way out with a machete.*

* There was a picture book I remember as a child about someone who filled their house full of plants to the point where it was just all plants inside and I can’t remember anything about it except that final image of a house-shaped mass of plants. I think it might have been intended as a cautionary tale, but I seem to have adopted it as a life goal…

4 Responses to Spider Woman

  1. Flighty says:

    I’ve just divided and re-potted mine following our conversation on Twitter. I hope that I’ll now get some flowers and plantlets. xx

  2. wisob says:

    I remember that book too! I have no idea what it was called or anything…

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