Frying Visit

Say what you like about the lockdown, it’s certainly making us appreciate the little things in life. Like the fact that one of our neighbours shops on a Tuesday and has been picking up the Guardian for us, so we now get a paper two days a week instead of just on Saturday.

And the excitement of discovering that the mobile fish and chip van was back in business and coming our way …

Today was the day so, having booked our slot via Facebook Messenger (all you people who loftily tell me they’re not on Facebook … how are you surviving? As far as I can see it’s the only place for almost all local information in these pandemic times), we duly set off on a gorgeous spring evening to pick up our order.

The mobile chippy is one of those things we’ve been meaning to try out pretty much as soon as we moved up here, but have never quite got round to doing until three weeks of lockdown made any sort of meal we hadn’t cooked ourselves into an unimaginable luxury. Ordinarily, the community pub opens early for the van’s arrival and your chips can be consumed in comfort in the bar with a pint, but with pubs consigned to the distant era of, ooh, a month ago, there was nothing for it but to cycle back with our order to eat it at home. This made for a bit of a time trial home: three miles, several unnecessary hills and an unexpected headwind versus the rate of cooling of a couple of chip suppers wrapped in insulating newspaper in a bike pannier bag.

fish and chips

I have just paid for the unexpected exertion with a bout of thigh cramp – clearly all this not-cycling is beginning to get to me – but on balance it was still well worth it. The chips were still hot, the beer in the fridge was cold, and the garden was just about pleasant enough for an al fresco supper. Michelin starred restaurants, eat your heart out.

5 Responses to Frying Visit

  1. Anonymous says:

    Came to us on Thursday. How exciting that was.

  2. Bill Chance says:

    That food looks so delicious. One great thing about cycling is that food is better when it is earned.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lizzie says:

    “Loftily”? I am on Facebook but I can assure you it’s not the only place for local information!

  4. Charles says:

    Gosh that looks good. Attacking the local pub take away tomorrow.

  5. disgruntled says:

    @Anon – great, isn’t it?
    @Bill – six hilly miles do sharpen the appetite it’s true
    @Lizzie – around here, Facebook does seem to be the Internet, with many businesses not bothering with a website, just a FB page. But I’m sure other places are different.
    @Charles – it was!

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