Emerging (or – Exciting Shopping News)

one tree in leaf, one not
We’ve reached the point when even the trees can’t agree whether or not to come out of their lockdown and risk bursting into leaf …

As for the humans – well I’m not going to venture an opinion on what we should be doing about it, and I’m very glad I’m not responsible for deciding either, although I was very glad to hear this ministerial announcement which means that when we do start to emerge in greater numbers, there will be space for people to walk and cycle while keeping a nice safe distance from each other and the rest of the traffic.

Lockdown might not have ended yet, but I did manage a little loosening of my own isolation in that I had an unavoidable trip to the post office yesterday so at last I had a chance to do things I haven’t done in five weeks, like cycle into Bigtown and visit an actual shop (the other half has been doing the supermarket run once a week). This was quite exciting to me, adjusted for our new reality of what counts as exciting – especially as I also had a chance to buy a paper, bringing us up to a massive three this week. I mean it’s not the ford, or even a new pipeline, but you’ll just have to take what novelties you can get on this blog these days.

view from the bridge

That said, as far as cycling into town went, I’d have been hard pressed to notice any difference. The post office is just at the edge of town and traffic has never been that heavy there and if I was expecting tumbleweed rolling through the streets then I would have been disappointed. What I did get was all the fun of negotiating the new rules having not had a chance to adapt to them gradually – so yes, I was that person attempting to circumvent the one-way system in the shop (I was deeply apologetic when I was politely but firmly told to follow the rules). To be honest, the strangest thing about it all was the continuing fine weather which meant those standing outside waiting to get in were just enjoying a nice blether in the sun. Regular readers of the blog will know just how strange a phenomenon that is around here.

Anyway, with that excitement over it’s back to my round of work, local walks, and the odd outing on the bike, enjoying the emergence of spring and wondering what the future lies in store.

trees coming into leaf

How is your lockdown going?

5 Responses to Emerging (or – Exciting Shopping News)

  1. welshcyclist says:

    I work on the railway so am very fortunate that I can still work, and ride my bike to commute. Being stuck at home would be much harder work for me, and not just because of all the jobs her indoors would find me to do. That list is endless, I am no diyer, or gardener, saving them all up for retirement lol. It is heartbreaking for all those who have been thrown out of work, and not furloughed as they should have been. Losing 20% of your wages is a big blow but losing all your pay is ruinous. Then there are the self employed, like my son who had just started his own driving instruction business, he cannot provide a full year’s account (business too young) so has only £94 a week universal credit coming in, which he won’t receive till 7th May. Small businesses are supposed to get a £10,000 non repayable grant, again he doesn’t qualify? Yet people who use a tax dodge to call their 2nd homes in Wales and Cornwall are getting this grant. It is scandalous! Sorry, just got carried away with the unfairness of it all, and the greed of those 2nd home owners, basically taking money not meant for them. Cheers.

  2. 2whls3spds says:

    It has been going… over here on the other side of the pond. I have been calling it a quasi-quarantine. I am considered essential as is the company I work for. So I work from home 3 days a week, office, and job sites 2 days a week. The only major change has been no out of state travel since early March. Which in many ways has been a relief, however, that is about to come to an end as we start spooling up the out of state jobs again.

    I have always been a bit of a socially distant person anyway, so it has not bothered me much at all. The only concern I have is when I HAVE to go somewhere there are people. We have several higher-risk people at home that I don’t want to bring the virus home to.

    Probably the most noticeable thing to me has been the reduction in traffic noise at home. We used to hear traffic until late in the evening, now we seldom here cars much after 5pm.


  3. […] day. On occasion we have risen to the luxurious heights of three papers a week, on days when a trip to the post office has occasioned it (if I’ve been unusually eager to post things to people, now you know why). In between times I […]

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