A Dry Spell

Oh frabjuous day …

half full water butt

Yes, it’s come to this – I’ve actually been hoping it might rain. This is the problem with being both a gardener and a cyclist (at least in normal times).* I think I’ve mentioned that it’s been dry, and now I’ve learned by listening to Gardener’s Question Time that this has likely set back my asparagus bed another year (we have six whole spears poking up at the moment). Apparently I should be watering it all spring, even here, where watering things outside just feels like a category mistake. Of all the things I thought might go wrong with my asparagus bed back when I planted it, ‘not enough rain’ would have been right there below ‘meteorite strike’ and, indeed, ‘global pandemic’.

aloe flower spike

The other thing I wasn’t expecting was for one of my house plants to look as if it’s attempting to fill in the gap. I don’t think I’ll be steaming it and having it for supper though…

But anyway, it has rained, finally. It has even largely confined itself to raining at night rather than waiting until I need to go somewhere on my bike and arrive looking like something other than a drowned rat (something that may happen again some time in, ooh, October maybe?). And now, proving that the end times are indeed upon us, it has managed to stop raining (and I’m trying very hard not to wish that it had done this after it had finished filling up the water butt, rather than giving up half way through) and we have had a simply glorious day. I still have too much work to do, but I took the afternoon off anyway and spent it pottering around in the garden enjoying the fleeting contentment of a gardener in weather that’s nice enough to garden in but not so nice you’re worried about your water butt drying up.

meadow flowers

Or, indeed, your lake.

* and here I have to take issue with Charlie Brown’s assertion that the secret to happiness is owning a convertible and a lake. Sure, if you’re of a positive bent – a lake half full sort of person, if you like – you might be able to look on the bright side whatever the weather but most of us would simply be grumpy either way because either our lake was drying up or it was rubbish weather for riding around in a convertible. Although, now I come to think of it, I suspect that if you have the sort of life where you own a lake (and a convertible) then there are additional compensations that are not available to people who own a bicycle and a water butt …

6 Responses to A Dry Spell

  1. welshcyclist says:

    Local lakes and ponds here are fast approaching half full here in south Wales, as water bearing helicopters are being used to out grass fires lit by feral children. Thousands of acres of SSI land has been lost along with the wild life. Why aren’t they in lockdown? Some parents eh? How do we control them? Is the Chinese answer of Big Brother watching everyone the solution? Never mind track and chase for coronavirus, we need a system that does that, as well as stopping downright bloody minded, selfish men women and children getting away with such mindless acts. Before there is nothing left. Cheers.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Up here it’s the landowners who burn the land

    • welshcyclist says:

      The land owners do it, I presume, to manage land use, hopefully, for the benefit of domestic stock and wild life combined. We just have, the usual mindless idiots masquerading as the new covidiots. Anyway sorry for the rant. I enjoy your posts. Cheers

  3. Charles says:

    It’s very dry in Somerset but the levels are always too green to burn. We went for our first run in 12 weeks on Tuesday and the 60 year old knees are holding up. Ok 59and three quarter year knees.

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