Old Friends

In today’s exciting news, our ford correspondent sent me a text that began

“Thought it might cheer you to know that ASBO buzzard has been located …”

Apparently the nice young man who now lives in our old house has also inherited my mantle of chief buzzard victim, after three buzzard attacks in a row. If it is indeed our old friend, she’s moved her location from her old cyclist hunting grounds but I like to think that she’s up to her old tricks in a new spot – at least as long as she keeps hassling my successor rather than me.*

Felled forest

ASBO Buzzard’s old home, now sadly demolished

In other news, Moo-I-5 are back, but proving rather elusive at the moment. Poor weather and too much work have kept me out of the garden, so I haven’t yet found myself the centre of attention of a crowd of cows. Or perhaps they too are getting to grips with social distancing.

cows listening in
* My close raptor encounter of the day was a sparrowhawk shooting across the road in front of me as I laboured up the hill homewards; birds of prey are always cool and never cooler than when they’re hunting something that isn’t you.


2 Responses to Old Friends

  1. welshcyclist says:

    Very true, birds of prey are cool, but other than buzzards they are getting thin on the ground, so to speak, here in the Neath Valley. We have red kites, but sparrowhwks, hobbies even peregrine Falcons, all of which I have seen on my pedals just don’t seem to be about. Sadly it’s the same for so many other bird species. To see a swift or a swallow was also a rare sight this year. These are some old friends I’d love to see here again. Cheers.

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