Carrotted, Redux

So we came back from a lovely bike ride to get lunch in town yesterday, to discover we had been subjected to a drive-by carrotting by our neighbour

This was fair enough, as we had ourselves just potato bombed another neighbour’s doorstep – it is the time of year when gardeners with surpluses stop bothering to ask permission before distributing their largesse. It’s just fortunate that we got to them before the wee hare that has been keeping busy weeding our drive.

The neighbours concerned had taken to vegetable growing in a big way this year, so I guess it wasn’t too surprising that they had carrots to spare, although given the enormous faff of growing the damn things, I take my hat off to them for actually succeeding. It’s possible we’re just in a good carrot growing area (according to the Oldest Inhabitant of the neighbourhood, who grew up in the farm down the road, they grew carrots commercially back when she was a girl). Even so, remind me not to attempt them again myself, if only because still I don’t really like carrots…

Fortunately, we have a recipe for carrot soup which I actually like, some of which we had for lunch, and some of which has been stashed in the freezer against a hard Brexit.

carrot soup in progress

finished carrot soup

That’s used up two-thirds of the bounty, leaving enough for a carrot cake and some stock, unless anyone has any better suggestions.

2 Responses to Carrotted, Redux

  1. WOL says:

    The carrots and the aforementioned potatoes tend to play very nicely with a roast of beef.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Mmm, shame I just turned all the rest into carrot cake!

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