Your Late Season Hare

On a day when apparently the whole of the UK was being battered by Storm Alex, here in Bigtownshire it’s been rather suspiciously lovely – mild, dry, sunny, and I even had a tailwind uphill on my way home, which is unheard of in October. The other half was tempted out to do some strimming while he could – ‘while he could’, in this case, translating into ‘until he started up a baby hare’ because nobody wants to find a baby hare the hard way while strimming.

In this case, the leveret got itself safely away from the strimming monster but apparently struggled to get into the raised beds in a particularly adorable way. By the time I had come out, and the other half had got his camera out, it was safely ensconced under the broccoli.

meadow in June

There’s no real point to this tale except to show you this photo, really (irritatingly WordPress has switched to a new interface and has decided to make it so you can’t click on it and see it in all its glory [update it turns out I can make it work by editing the html …]). October is late for leverets of this size, but hopefully the weather will be mild enough for it to thrive, and it’s welcome to all the brassicas it can eat. Meanwhile, the strimming will have to wait.

4 Responses to Your Late Season Hare

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    I hear you on the irritating WordPress editor: it’s downright weird…

  2. disgruntled says:

    I’m just resigning myself to it at the moment

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very sweet picture. So glad we met up when we did – it might be a long time before we have another opportunity!

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