Fleeting Meetings

Me: Only being able to meet up outside is fine! We’ll go for a walk! We’ll sit outside under blankets! The Danes do it all the time! There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!

Weather Gods: Yeah, about that …

We’ve been trying to work out how we can meet up with my parents under the new regime without breaking any rules or exposing them to their death of cold and/or coronavirus. The Woodside Garden Centre near Jedburgh seemed like our best bet (thanks to Twitter for the tip) – a sheltered walled garden, a walk in the woods near by, somewhere between our two households.

And in the end, despite it being a four-hour round trip for a 30 minute walk and lunch and the dreich weather threatening for the whole way there and back, it absolutely was fine. The walk was perfect with all the autumn leaves beginning to turn, the rain decided to stay off at least while we were out, and the cafe was set up very nicely with gazebos for shelter and plenty of well-spaced picnic benches.

walking in the woods

Of course it was mainly about being able to catch up and see each other while we still can – I know many of my friends have not seen their parents since this crisis started, while others have suddenly found themselves on the wrong side of a health board boundary that they probably didn’t know existed until this cursed year. It was never about the walk, the weather, or the quality of the lunch…

… Although, that said, I can report that the cake portions at the cafe were pretty epic (this photo is misleading because that was not a small cup) and highly recommended especially to any passing cyclists in need of fuel.

3 Responses to Fleeting Meetings

  1. welshcyclist says:

    That’s what I call a piece of cake! Cheers.

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