Actually Quite Interesting Traffic Signal News

‘Oh that’s nice, Papershop Village has a proper pedestrian crossing’ the other half remarked as we drove through it on a rare outing this morning. Long overdue, as the village is bisected by Big A-Road and is scary enough that the only person I’ve ever seen crossing it before was the postman, and then always at a sprint.

Anyway, I don’t know how long Papershop village has had its pelican crossing – it wasn’t there earlier this year the last time I went through it – but I hope the postman enjoyed it. Because in the time it took us to drive to the coast, have a lovely walk through woodlands by the sea, discover the famous local fish and chip shop was shut on Wednesdays, source a couple of pies for lunch instead, stop off at Notso Bigtown for supplies and head back home …

… someone had managed to take it out with their Jag.

(no photos because that would be a bit tacky so have some lovely woodland scenes instead)

Looking back through the blog archives, I recall that, whether due to the postman’s sprinting prowess, or the fact that nobody else dared cross the road, the village missed out on a trial 20mph limit because not enough vulnerable road users had been injured there, in the dismal calculus they use to justify not spending anything on road safety. I don’t know if pedestrian crossings count as vulnerable road users (perhaps they ought to) but maybe this will be enough to get Papershop Village a stoplight of shame and really slow the drivers down.

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