Forward Planning

The garden may still be under a frosty lockdown but – whatever else happens in 2021 – spring at least will be coming soon (usually sooner than I’m ever prepared for).

Leeks covered in hoar frost

So today I got my seed supplies out and did a quick audit of what’s still viable and what I might like to grow this year.

box of old seed packets

It’s fair to say that I’ve got into a bit of a veg growing rut recently – it’s easier to stick to what you know especially when spring can be a busy time for me. But For a couple of years now I’ve had problems with my potatoes with a good third of last year’s crop starting to rot in the ground before I could even harvest them. The ones that remained did keep better than I’d feared but it’s a sign that I should probably give potatoes a rest and see if I can put the space to better use.

Time to get the catalogues out and allow myself to be seduced by the wonderful descriptions into believing that a world of amazing flavours and trouble-free bounty lies ahead of me in those seductive little paper packets. It’s the hope that keeps you going, isn’t it? Otherwise the current situation might just sink us all. And who knows, given our neighbours’ success last year, I might even manage to grow carrots. Stranger things have happened in these unprecedented times.

trees covered in hoar frost

I just have to wait for things to thaw out a little first …

What will you grow?

9 Responses to Forward Planning

  1. carolee says:

    Spring NEVER arrives before I am ready for it!!! Counting the days and staring out the window (at horizontal snow at the moment) but possibly it’s a case of “the watched pot never boils.” Searched for tips of green emerging earlier this morn, but naught.

  2. If you have a greenhouse – try loofahs – its very rewarding growing your own kitchen scourers – get rid of a bit more plastic. Had great success with them this year in the greenhouse in Shropshire – which can be a cold place for exotics… but these were as tough as old boots and I pity anyone who has to eat them.

  3. stephaniMok says:

    I had purple sprout tops for the first time ever this season and OMG they were delicious! So if I could that’s what I would grow. The ones I had were grown in Neilston, I think- not far from Glasgow

  4. stephaniMok says:

    @wheelywonderfulcycling I just love knowing that loofahs can grow in the UK 👍😊

  5. disgruntled says:

    @wheely – the greenhouse is the other half’s domain, that would be a matter for some negotiation.
    @Stephani – I should check that out

  6. Luffy says:

    I’m going to try potatoes, Carrots, Pak choi, parsnips, rocket, Mustard leaves, garlic, beets and onions!

  7. Flighty says:

    Good luck with the carrots, which I have no success with but I’m trying again this year. xx

  8. disgruntled says:

    @Luffy – sounds fab, never had a go at pak choi, maybe I should
    @Flighty – maybe this will be the year we all crack carrot growing?

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