Thaw it Coming

After weeks of weather warnings that have amounted to at best a dusting of snow, we woke unexpectedly to this:

snow covered road

It’s like the Weather Gods knew my bike’s saddle was due to be repaired today (along with the rest of the bike – this winter has been tough on it; it turns out not riding it much is worse for it than riding it almost every day). Yesterday was lovely and mild and would have been perfect weather for taking the bike out on my state-sanctioned exercise but the bike was stuck in the bike shop. Today wasn’t looking quite so inviting …

However, the snow hasn’t lasted – and we are feeling quite confident that the cold snap won’t be prolonged because our ritual walk up to the road end and inspection of the empty grit bin revealed exciting developments:

full grit bin

I wasn’t that hopeful we’d see any grit at all, as the last missive I had from the council on the subject – despite sending an email clearly requesting that our existing grit bin be filled, complete with a note of the grit bin number and its location – was that my request for a new grit bin had been passed to the roads department and would be granted if it was in line with the council’s winter maintenance policy. At a time when we’re all trying to cut down on plastic waste providing a whole new grit bin for every load of grit seems a bit excessive, so I’m glad that it didn’t come with any unnecessary packaging after all…

Anyway, the bike has returned triumphant from the bike shop with a new mudguard, cassette, chain and brake blocks so I look forward to making it all a bit less shiny-looking over the next few days.

I might even go and inspect the ford …

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