Always Winter, Never Snowing

As the rest of my social media feed fills up with photos of fun in the snow across Scotland, we seem to have had the worst of the deal: all the bone-chilling cold you can shake a stick at and none of the white stuff (it is forecast to snow overnight tonight – and then rain all day tomorrow so we might at least get to enjoy the slushy melting stage …)

This means that the chief pleasure of our daily constitutional has become the way it makes the house feel warm when we get back in out of the east wind. And today I got double the pleasure because I’d spotted some cool looking ice forming in the burn, and had to dash back for my camera (it is an iron law that leaving it behind means we’ll see something worth photographing).

floating ice blob

Of course, it turned out to be harder to photograph than I had hoped, especially after I had climbed over a fence, scrambled down a steep bank, and crunch-squelched my way through a not-really-frozen-enough bog to reach it. A tree branch had fallen into the water and just where the tip was sticking out, a ball of ice had formed and was bobbing up and down in the water as though it were floating. None of this comes across in a photograph and once fetched out of the water it was just an ice blob.

blob of ice

In fact, everywhere that touched the water was busy freezing up in ways that turned out to be quite difficult to photograph without risking an icy dip. And it felt cold enough out that I didn’t want to end up turning into an icicle myself.

icicles at the fringes of the burn

So I went home and ordered this year’s veg seed in the warm instead. This feels like even more of an act of faith that spring is on its way than it usually does.

7 Responses to Always Winter, Never Snowing

  1. Impressive ice there. Well worth it.

  2. Bob McLean says:

    Well, it’s been snowing here for about a day and a half, and I’d say we have well over a foot on the level. “On the level” being a key phrase, as the wind is howling out of the East. I suspect it’s mostly “lake effect” snow, as it’s hardly snowing at all just 20 km north of here. Something to do with some wretched ground hog…

  3. disgruntled says:

    @RP – You’re too kind
    @Bob – yeah, North American winters are something else. The in laws are in Minnesota and when they say it hasn’t got above 0 for days, they mean 0 Fahrenheit …

  4. remerson says:

    That’s not an ice blob, it’s a crystal skull photographed from the side. Call Dr Jones!

  5. disgruntled says:

    haha yes it does sort of look like that. And it mysteriously vanished in the night too …

  6. WOL says:

    -14.4 C here on a Valentine’s Day afternoon in that square bit at the top of Texas. Even we had snow (about 3 inches) and you didn’t. Supposed to get down to -15.5 C tonight, but then warm up to -5 C tomorrow. I can hardly wait.

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