As you were…

For one giddy moment last week I thought I might be able to retire from cycle campaigning and start spending spring each year if not resting on my laurels, then at least being able to spare some time to garden them (although maybe not actual laurels, as they’re not my favourite shrub). It seemed as if all the major political parties in Scotland were lining up behind a promise to spend 10% of the transport budget on active travel, something we have been campaigning for, in various guises, since 2012. In particular, this included the party that, realistically, will be forming the next Scottish government. Could it be that next year’s POP would be a ten-year-on victory lap for the local elections, followed by a chance to spend each March and April in something that wasn’t a state of rising panic?

And then we read the fine print.

There are promises, and there are politicians’ promises and you’d think I’d know by now how to tell the two apart…

Still, even though I’m not paying it any attention, spring is still springing away in the approaches to Bigtown (it takes a little longer to get up our hill, a bit like me on a bike)

And I was reminded that if you rattle past them on a bike with a trailer you can set a whole herd of cows in motion as they chase after the thing that might just possibly contain delicious cow treats – at least until you stop and they stop too and just stare at you in bewilderment as if they have no idea what they were doing just then, or how you made them do that.

I may not be able to influence the politicians, but I can at least still hypnotise cows, it seems.

Once more into the campaigning breach, dear friends … once more.

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