For this Relief, Much Thanks …

I’m having something of a worlds colliding experience at the moment. On the one hand, I do have a book coming out in January, which will mean a little bit of self promotion over the next few months (apologies in advance for those of you who are here for the cycling and ford updates, although at least the book does have some hares in it and look how gorgeous its cover is).

Since my last book was published cough years ago, book promotion and social media have come a long way – I didn’t even have a twitter account back then, now I come to think of it. And now I’m getting tagged in by people who have been sent advance copies of my book to review (and even been followed by my publisher) who may be looking at my feed in some confusion and wondering if they’ve actually got the right Sally Hinchcliffe.

I have been guiltily thinking that I should probably be doing some more writerly tweets at least every now and then, or perhaps tone down the climate doom mongering / cycle campaigning / swearing a bit, which might not be a bad idea anyway. All of which good intentions went flying out the window with one casual tweet that went moderately viral about … toilets.

Although, given the grateful response from people of all ages and genders, I’m not sure I should apologise at all.

Anyway, in the interests of book sales and keeping my publishers happy, my book is available for pre-order now. There’s even a bicycle in it.

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