I’m going to confess that today’s ride down for the paper was not an inviting prospect this lunchtime. Yesterday’s snow is still hanging around, although the roads aren’t too bad, and it was just raw and cold looking all day. And besides, I tweaked something in my back this morning, doing yoga ironically enough. It left me unable to properly straighten my lower back without it hurting, which made sitting uncomfortable, and standing and walking downright painful unless I hunched right over. It’s happened a couple of times before, and cycling has always been okay, even something of a relief. But it was still something of a leap of faith to actually get on a bike and set off, when I could barely walk as far as the garage to get it out in the first place.

With the cold and the snow and an unfamiliar bike to get used to, I took the ride down a little gingerly. But the moment when I tottered painfully out of the shop with a gait that can only be described as ‘sixth former playing an old person in the school play’, got on my bike and sailed off was magic indeed. For the hour or so that I was actually cycling I had no pain at all, and you would not have guessed I was the same person who was hobbling round the shop barely able to stand up at all.

e-bike in driveway

It did help that a good friend has lent me her old e-bike while I work out how best to replace my old* one. I didn’t have to worry about putting in too much effort and could sit fairly upright, or at least as upright as my sacrum was prepared to allow. I was grateful for the extra oomph up the last bit of our hill, but I know from past experience that I’d have been all right even on a normal bike. There’s something about cycling that not only makes it feel OK when my back is giving me grief, but actually feels as if it’s doing me good.

Had I time enough (and infinite charge – I am becoming acquainted with the range anxiety of the ebiker already) I would probably still be out there riding it around the back roads of Bigtownshire because it was the only time all day I’ve felt entirely whole. Tomorrow, I hope, I should be back on the mend again. But even if not, at least I know I’ll still be able to get moving as long as I’m on a bike. Indeed, if I’m still in pain you’ll have trouble stopping me…

* The consensus is that the bike could be fixed – at least the frame repaired – but even the most ardent fixit fans among my bikey acquaintance don’t think it’s worth it. At best I can find a similar frame and move all the parts over onto it but I don’t think that will really counts as being the same bike, Trigger’s Broom or no. So RIP …

6 Responses to Remobilising

  1. Gwynneth Rixon says:

    Good that you can get a new frame with similar geometry.
    It’s odd that way backache can take you..and it be easier on the bike, I get that too…such a relief!

  2. Kete B says:

    Classic sciatica symptoms. A pinched nerve – practically always recurs periodically. It could be better in a few days, or it could take a few weeks. It comes from extended sitting in the same position (even if you’re yogaing), although that may not be what ‘triggers’ it.

  3. ballsofwool says:

    Poor old bike. Good luck hunting for its replacement

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