Now, while normally I bow to nobody in my enthusiasm for cycling and generally getting out and being active, there are limits …

Sleet sliding down a glass door

… and those limits are when the Weather Gods has been spending the morning enthusiastically flinging sleet at the front door to see how much sticks.

Fortunately, we had already done all of the outdoors things we needed to do before Storm Barra* got going. So I was able to sit and watch the ice slide down the window while planning other bike rides, of an epic-ish nature, hopefully when the Weather Gods have calmed down a bit.

Sleet on window behind desk

Watch this space.

* I’ve said it before, but I do wish they’d stop naming the storms as it only bloody encourages them.

2 Responses to Demobilising

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    I think our position far from the sea and high up in the hills means that the storm won’t reach us, which is just as well because work have decided to send me to a more distant location for a few days next week, which means longer commutes…

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