When Will this Relentless Self-Promotion End?

Copies of Hare House in hardback

Soon, I promise, but today is publication day for my book and as threatened I have made a little video trailer to celebrate.

It’s actually been an interesting little project for the whole Christmas/New Year period, and I’ve ended up learning a lot, mostly about how not to go about making a video, like attempt to shoot video hand held unless you’ve got the steadiness and low heart rate of a sniper. Also that three days spent listening to a recording of your own voice as you painstakingly align images, words and sound would send anyone over the edge.

I have edited basic videos before but mostly just cutting stuff and adding captions and I knew I needed something a little more functional than the video editing tool that comes with Windows. The other half recommended Blender, an open source programme that he’s used before and it definitely is a lot more functional in that it’s a fully fledged 3D animation rendering tool that does a bit of video editing on the side (when we were kids I remember my mother and aunt doing a jigsaw puzzle of Concorde’s cockpit and this is more or less what the Blender user interface is like, only perhaps somewhat more complicated). I was reduced to watching YouTube tutorials, my least favourite method of learning stuff, just to be able to get started, but after a few days of messing around I had got to the point where I could do most of the things that I needed to. And, as well as giving me the excuse to get out cycling round some of my favourite places, it has also reminded me that there is a real satisfaction in learning a new skill (and also filled me with even more admiration than I had before for those people who manage to put really good videos together).

Anyway, here it is, apologies in advance for the sound of my voice …

… and now I’m wondering what else I could do with my new-found skills.


3 Responses to When Will this Relentless Self-Promotion End?

  1. Bob McLean says:

    Boasting about having a book published is perfectly acceptable. (Don’t they all look so cool sitting there in the box?)
    And, you just described the exact reason why I’ve stayed away from the notion of editing a video before uploading it to…whatever platform. At my age, the learning curve would be somewhat akin to Mt. Everest.

  2. disgruntled says:

    @Bob – maybe don’t start with Blender! I think there are others that are a bit easier to get a handle on

  3. Martin Gemmell says:

    Nice video (pronounced in the style of the Stoneybridge Council vid-eh-oh Morag)

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