The Road Calling

I know I spend a lot of time complaining about being busy on this blog, but over the past couple of months it has increasingly felt as if my time has been completely parcelled out, with never more than an hour or two here or there to call my own. What with work, and family, and local cycle campaigning issues to deal with – not to mention the dull but important round of keeping the stuff of daily life more or less under control – I’ve been wondering just when, exactly, I was going to have the time to get some longer rides in, or if I was just going to attempt the whole Ride to the Sun on a training regime of daily trips to Bigtown and back, sometimes twice in a day.*

But tomorrow, finally, the stars, my schedule and the (slightly manufactured) need to deliver something to a town about 20 miles away, have aligned, and I have the prospect of a whole day(ish) to myself, out on the bike, with no real time pressure and nothing to worry about but the forecast (which is looking a bit too interesting to my tastes, but at least not the sort of block headwind I encountered last time I did this particular ride). It’s not perhaps the ‘day off’ most people might choose, but I’m looking forward to it with some relish.

Empty road looking towards the hills

First, though, I had to deal with the small matter of my handlebars being somewhat at odds with the bike’s general direction of travel:

Bike with wonky handlebars

I have no idea how long they’ve been like that, but it’s amazing how little difference it makes to the steering, and indeed the bike’s handling in general.

* I made the mistake of looking up the recommended training programme for a century ride and was mildly worried to learn that as well as interval training and tempo rides, I’m supposed to be going out every week on longer and longer rides – 60, 70 and finally 80 miles at a go. Where do people find the time?


2 Responses to The Road Calling

  1. Martin Gemmell says:

    RTTS is a great 100 first 40 flat. Should have the SW wind. Beeftub is all twinkly red lights ahead and white lights behind and there are pipers at the top. Cycle rave at the bottom. Then bit of a long dark tea time of the soul into Edinburgh. Bumpy monotonous road. Then rambunctious roll down to Crammond from fairmilehead. enjoy

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