A Turn Up for the Books

I may have mentioned that I’ve got a book out – now in paperback (including a very fancy exclusive edition for Waterstones with the sprayed edges).

Unlike my last book, when my bookshop support team consisted of my Dad furtively ringing me from random bookshops around Scotland, announcing that he had just moved my book somewhere more prominent, Waterstones have massively got behind Hare House, making it their Scottish Book of the Month. The best part of this is having my twitter timeline punctuated with the odd moment of joy as different shops around Scotland have used my book to exercise their marketing and display talents. I think we can all agree that these are better than yet another howl of despair at the state of the nation:

I hope that people find the words inside as compelling as the very pretty paperback, but at this stage in the game I’m just happy to see it out there getting some love. It’s also, anecdotally, selling quite well – when I did my event at Wigtown, there were only four copies of the paperback left as it turns out that when you put a lot of bookish people into a small town in Scotland and then make it rain all morning, they descend on the festival bookshop like so many page-starved locusts and buy everything that isn’t nailed down.

Board showing event at Waterstones 6pm Thursday 13th October

I’m even (finally) having something like a launch in my home Waterstones, with an event tomorrow evening complete with wine and nibbles. Sadly, a planned reading and discussion next week in Edinburgh has been cancelled after it turned out the that the good people of Embra would rather buy the book and find out what it’s about by reading it, than slog out in the dark of an evening to have the author tell them directly (book sales have been pretty good, but ticket sales not so much). On the whole, as someone who would certainly rather read a book of an evening than go out, I think I approve of this approach.

So there you go. Plugging over. For those who are only here for the actual hares, rather than the literary ones, I can only apologise and assure you that normal service will resume shortly.

Lolling hare

At least, I hope so.

4 Responses to A Turn Up for the Books

  1. Luffy says:

    Many congratulations! I’m waiting for my copy to arrive. The sprayed hare on the book edge is beautiful – I love it when the publisher puts some real effort into making the book look special ☺️❤️

  2. hexeres says:

    Congratulations! Oh no, my copy doesn’t have the spredges. I feel hard done by!

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