Ups and Downs

So, I was going to write a long piece about how the current climate crisis was making it hard for me to stay positive when someone came along and saved me the bother with one tweet

I haven’t been bursting into tears (yet) but I did have a wee moan on Twitter, which is more or less the equivalent.

Optimism is more a matter of chemistry than logic, I’ve always thought, but even my cast iron buoyancy is struggling in this particular flood tide of despair. This time last year we were throwing ourselves into planning Pedal on COP and it felt like we were making a difference, in our own small way. With a prime minister who can’t even be bothered to go to COP this year (but apparently can find the time to make it to the World Cup) it’s hard to see how we’re going to turn things around quickly enough.

I will keep on keeping on – and I’ll be marching again at the Global Day of Action (although thankfully not organising it) on November 12th – but I think I’ll need to find some more effective way to resist the slide into disaster we’re facing than spending 10 years trying to persuade the coonsil to put in a few cycle paths.

This Crisis demands Action. March for Climate Justice COP27 Global Day of Action Edinburgh St Andrew Square Nov 12 12:00

What would you do?

One Response to Ups and Downs

  1. Tim says:

    What I would do is what I’ve been doing all my life: live how I think everyone needs to live in order to prevent global warming (I started a long time ago). So, we cycle or walk everywhere, we have no car, we’ve never flown, we don’t buy anything new, all our food comes from the UK (or Europe, if that fails), we grown a lot of our own food (we’re not middle-class – we rent), we’re vegans, our house is ‘heated’ to no more than 13C in the winter, we work from home, etc etc.
    For 35 years I’ve watched climate summits and promises come and go, and people everywhere make minuscule changes to their lifestyles and call it ‘doing their bit’.

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