Rain, Rain, Go Away

Bleurgh. I know it’s not unusual at this time of year, but I am getting heartily sick of days when you wake to the sound of the rain pattering on the skylight, to find that the forecast shows it has set in for the whole day.

Weather forecast showing heavy rain all day

It was extra galling today as I have once again managed to tweak something in my back, leaving me hobbling around and making sitting uncomfortable. I know from long experience that the only way to ease the situation – albeit temporarily – is to get on my bike and ride it, during which time the discomfort magically goes away (getting on and off the bike – and opening and closing the garage door – is very much another matter).

Torn between the misery of uncomfortably sitting down indoors, and comfortably but damply cycling down for the paper, I chose the latter. In an ideal world, I would have done more – a day in the saddle would probably have been just the thing – but even the magic of cycling-as-back-therapy couldn’t induce me to spend more than an hour out there with it hosing down and blowing a hooly to boot. As it was, I had to undress in the bath when I got back, although you could argue I wouldn’t have got any wetter on a longer ride.

I gather some parts of England are still suffering the effects of drought. If you would like to come up and get it, we have plenty of rain here…


6 Responses to Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. WOL says:

    You could send it to us. We’d be utterly delighted to have it. The Mississippi River is so low, barge traffic is backing up.

  2. Gwynneth Rixon says:

    Yes, we nearly lost the car going back up Nithsdale on the main road on Wednesday, thanks to a car from the opposite direction who wouldn’t take turns like all others….
    We are fed up of the garden being like a sodden sponge!!

  3. Luffy says:

    Yes, I share your pain. We’ve had deluges for the last few weeks and the ground is totally saturated and all the burns are in spate. We are in danger of floating off…🤨

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