Counting one’s Carrots

With Twitter apparently on the way out (or at least increasingly full of people announcing they’re moving over to Mastodon) I have been making vague plans to fill the gap by going old school – blogging more, at least a bit more than the current once a week, and spending more time commenting directly on other people’s blogs, as we used to do back in the old days of 10 years ago. As you can see from my posting history (and, indeed, my Twitter timeline), this has gone exactly as well as most of my other vague plans – mainly due to a massive and unreasonable work crunch. Still it remains on the agenda, but we’ll see.

The downside of less frequent blogging is that I keep finding I’ve not blogged about something I meant to refer to, merely frittered the material away on Twitter. So I never mentioned on here the fact that I’d had to dig up all my beetroot early in October after the mice discovered had discovered them

We’ve now eaten our way through the resulting beetroot stockpile, but it somehow never occurred to me that the mice, having been robbed of one highly-coloured root vegetable feast, would turn their attention to my carrots instead.

Mouse chewed and muddy carrots

A shame because some of them were beginning to look pretty impressive. Send carrot recipes please, bearing in mind that I don’t actually really like carrots …

I shall try to do better on the blogging front. Work and life are shaping up to be busy but that’s no excuse. Even if it’s just a matter of celebrating the occasional escape and respite in the November weather.

Sunlight catching the water on the river

And how has your week been?


4 Responses to Counting one’s Carrots

  1. Gwynneth Rixon says:

    Our week has been wet..and hectic..not even time for cycling indoors!!

  2. Luffy says:

    Carrot salad is great – literally grated carrots with chopped parsley and a lemon vinaigrette. Classic French and so delicious. We also like them roasted with maple syrup or honey and butter ❤️

  3. WOL says:

    Grate the carrot. Combine grated carrot with drained crushed pineapple and raisins/sultanas in ratio 3:3:1. You can dress with a dollop of mayo or mix into cottage cheese, or eat it straight. If you’re really adventurous, sprinkle half a tsp of cinnamon over the top. Enjoy.

  4. disgruntled says:

    @Gwynneth – This is one of the advantages of cycling as transport – the hectic weeks at least involve some cycling (although it’s better when it’s not wet …)
    Luffy & WOL – thanks for those, food for thought.

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