Two for the Price of One

The Bigtownshire Cycle Campaign monthly social ride took us to Papershop Village today. Which led to the following conversation on the way back:

“You used to ride all the way here for a paper? Every day?”

“Yup. Five and a half miles” (the half is always important).

“Five and half miles round trip?”

“No five and a half miles one way. 11 miles all told.”

“Just for a paper?”

“Just for a paper. Well, a paper and a bike ride.”

We ride for a while in silence.

“You know, I probably get out and ride 10 miles every day. Just to be outside, have some fresh air, get some exercise.”

“Yup. And I get all that AND a paper.”

Cloudy skies with a break in the clouds above a country road

And that, my friends, is why utility cycling is so awesome.


2 Responses to Two for the Price of One

  1. ehoward says:

    Finding out our local paper isn’t being printed very widely anymore so it’s challenging to find the print. I do have an e-subscription — where you can read it *like* the print version in the app. Sigh.

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