Not Dead Yet …

There is, I believe, a saying among those who work in the polar regions that nobody’s dead until they’re warm and dead. Round here, I’ve adapted that approach to my gardening (indoors and out): no plant is dead until it’s spring and it’s dead.

Exhibit A, my citrus plants (I’ve long since lost track of which ones are oranges and which are lemons) at the start of March and now:

Two dead looking plants
The same two plants but the one on the left now has leaves

I’m more or less certain the one on the right is dead but I’ll give it a bit longer to be sure.

Meanwhile, the last couple of weeks of snow, hail, frost, wind, and driving rain have taken their toll on the surviving (and I use the word in its loosest possible sense) purple sprouting broccoli which if anything looks worse than it did at the beginning of the month

But spring does seem to be gracing us with its presence, as evidenced by the arrival of my birthday flowers. I’ve thrown caution to the winds and got the seed potatoes in the ground, as well as getting the first seeds started in the greenhouse (peas, mangetout, leeks and more purple sprouting broccoli, since you didn’t ask) and am beginning to feel almost as if the worst of winter is behind us.

Chionodoxa growing in the grass

It might even be time to put Mostly back on her plinth for the season.

bust of a woman lying on the ground beside a plinth

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