Put Out More Flags

April 29, 2011

Well, today’s the big day – yep, three years since we moved up here, and it was nice to see that Papershop Village had chosen to mark the occasion in a suitably festive manner

Guys, you really shouldn’t have.

Actually, I think there might be some other event going on as well. In fact, I was excited to hear that Papershop Village was actually planning a street party to celebrate it for today. The thing about Papershop Village is that it only really has one street, and that’s Big A Road. Sadly, they didn’t manage to close it for the event. ‘I’d have paid money to see that,’ I remarked when I heard. ‘So would we,’ said the other resident in the shop rather sadly.

This morning, bunting or no bunting, the village was its usual closed-down self, with the usual lorries thundering through it. The ‘street’ party is this evening, in the village hall, safely away from causing any traffic chaos. And Nearest Village (not a scrap of bunting in sight) has decided somewhat pointedly to hold its celebration (the annual soup and sweet lunch) tomorrow rather than today.

How’s royal wedding fever down your way?

So this was Going to Be…

April 29, 2009

…A thoughtful piece noting that we first moved up here exactly a year ago, summarising some of the lessons learned and reminding you of some of the highlights of our new life. But I’m still suffering from this wretched cold so it turned out to be a sub-par rather dull post about the fact that we moved up here a exactly a year ago. And then I read it and scrapped that and have decided instead to inform you that every time I move my head, there’s this horrible shifting sensation inside my sinuses followed by a stabbing pain and it feels as though the side of my face is going to drop off. And that you’re lucky to get a post out of me at all.

Oh and self-medicating with whisky? Turns out it’s a bad idea.