Do Bee Do Bee Do

August 1, 2018

After the weather we’ve had, it’s been pretty depressing to set off on the bike in a jacket, gloves and tweed cap – I’ve grown rather fond of pottering round in a t-shirt and shorts. And I’m not the only one feeling the weather. Venturing out this afternoon to rescue the washing from yet another shower, I came across a dopey bumble bee that seemed to have given up the ghost.

A teaspoonful of honey* and water seemed to do the trick.

bee sipping honey

It’s rare you get to see a bee properly up close, so I made the most of it as it lapped up the water. Insect tongues seem to be all the rage this week …

bee close up

It soon perked up, had a poo (or whatever the bee equivalent** is – certainly something shot out its back end; I told you I was watching it closely), groomed itself and as I left it to it, was struggling to get airborne again. I hope in my eagerness to help I haven’t contributed to some sort of apine obesity crisis…

I hope everyone in London is enjoying their break from the heat, because I can tell you, I’d be very happy to see the heatwave return up here. And so would my new pal the bee …

*Post-hoc googling suggests I should have just used sugar and water rather than honey so hopefully I haven’t spread any nasty germs

** Googling bee poo suggests that they do … as always, you step into specialist fora at your own peril as an Internet rabbithole awaits.


Taken by Surprise

October 2, 2014

frost on the grass

I don’t know why waking up to see frost on the grass should be so surprising to me as a) it is October and b) it was widely forecast but I was hoping that there would be some sort of acclimatisation interval between being forced to wear shorts and sitting around in all my jumpers wishing I’d had the foresight to book Rayburn Man before he got so busy.

frozen bumblebee

But we weren’t the only ones who winter caught by surprise, it seems. This bumblebee was either comatose or frozen to death in mid-forage (I suppose a better person would have seen if it was revivable instead of just taking photos of it on her phone, but it didn’t occur to me till afterwards. Anyway it’s gone now).

Fortunately the frost wasn’t so hard that it has killed off the tender plants up in the walled garden yet. So my squashes and beans and corn can stagger on for a little while longer…