Poster Child

August 1, 2011

Right, all you lovely and talented people, I have a better outlet for your creativity than thinking up mad suggestions of what I can do next on this blog in the comments.

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain is running a summer competition asking people to design a poster, one that sums up the campaigns’ aims and ambitions. I’d enter – and this is my attempt – but for the small technical matter that I’m helping run it so I’m not eligible. But I’m sure you lot can do better than that anyway (although you have to admit that is a fab picture – taken by my brother-in-law – and an even more fab cycling outfit).

The poster should somehow encapsulate the aims and ambitions of the Cycling Embassy, which in a nutshell is to campaign for the sort of cycling conditions that they take for granted in the Netherlands and elsewhere on the continent. A more detailed version of that can be found in our mission statement and in the Embassy FAQ.

Entry is free, and you can do so simply by posting the image on your blog, or twitter feed or elsewhere and letting us know by email. Or email it direct or add it directly to the site – there’s more details on the competition page.

Entries close on the 31st of August, so that gives you a month … but you can post something now if you feel the inspiration. And please do enter whether you’re a regular cyclist or not. We’re campaigning for the sorts of facilities that mean cycling isn’t just for the superfit blokes in lycra, but for the four-year-olds in bunny ears too. Although, whatever you might have heard elsewhere, it’s a dirty lie that we’re pressing for bunny ears to be made compulsory for all cyclists. Obviously, it’s up to the individual cyclist to decide what animal ears to wear on their head when going out on two wheels.

Here endeth the partly political broadcast. Back to vegetable disasters and other everyday tales of country life tomorrow.