This Brief Intermission in the Weather …

February 5, 2016

View from cliffs across Coldingham Bay

… brought to you by Duns, freak weather capital of the UK, which yesterday was hazily sunny, mild and calm. We even ventured to the coast for a very pleasant clifftop walk from Coldingham Bay to St. Abbs and back, with a brief stop for coffee and bacon rolls at the cafe in the harbour.

Shed in St Abb's

If I ever built a shed, it would probably end up looking exactly like this

Fishing Boat St. Abbs
This morning, checking the weather forecast, I noticed that Bigtownshire had a little weather warning all of its own, for heavy rain. And indeed as we drove up over the pass beyond St Mary’s Loch, you could see that the border was marked by the clouds closing in and the rain blotting out everything else.

Border sign

To be honest, we’d have almost been disappointed by anything else