Weeding, a Progression

May 31, 2010

“This year, I’m definitely going to pull up all the little tiny weeds as soon as they appear, and that way I won’t let them get on top of me…”

“… or maybe I’ll concentrate on the really bad weeds, because the daisies and the forget-me-nots are actually quite nice, whereas nothing says bad gardener like a load of dandelions…”

“…although, it’s easier to see the dandelions when they come into flower, I can just home in on those bright yellow pompoms and pull them up then…”

“… in fact, the really important thing is to get them before they set seed, because that’s when the problem gets really out of hand …”

“… only, now that they have set seed, really, what’s the point of pulling them up, the damage is done after all, all those little tiny weeds just waiting to spring…”

Next year, I’m definitely going to pull up all the little tiny weeds as soon as they appear…”




May 7, 2010

Oh dear. I woke up this morning with a sinking feeling. I’d spent the night dreaming I was trying and failing to get on a ferry in order to vote (it made sense at the time), and I woke up to discover that everything I’d feared last night had come to pass, except for the bit about the ferry. Add in a late night and an incipient headache (and we weren’t even playing any of the electoral drinking games) and I was not a happy bunny. Not only that but the clouds were looming and it looked as though the first full outing of the Ladies who Cycle was going to be rained off*. Things were not going well.

But fortunately something’s gone right today. The clouds parted and we got on our bikes for an hour of slightly wind-blown but sunny, chatty riding. I came back feeling refreshed and restored. And then I spent the next hour or so pulling out dandelions to the accompaniment of Eddie Mair managing not to take the constitutional situation entirely seriously. We’ve still got no government, and unless Nick Clegg manages to arm twist Cameron into making Vince Cable chancellor** I’m still not that hopeful about the future. But there are many many fewer dandelions in our drive.

And how was your election?

*for which I blame the tories, and I’m going to continue blaming them for everything that goes wrong from now on.

**please God. Or anyone but Twerpboy Osborne…

Last Gasp of Summer

October 1, 2009

We had a cold night last night, and the wind is in the north, but the sun came out …

last rose

chicken feathers

chicken closeup

dandelion closeup


… I was supposed to be doing the weeding, but I got distracted.