There’s No Real Cure for Jetlag …

January 1, 2018

… but you can help the process along by getting outdoors and into the daylight.

setting off in the morning

Having arrived back after 9pm on Saturday, after 24 hours of very little sleep and a 7 hour time difference, we didn’t exactly see in the New Year, but I did have the small matter of a New Year’s Day ride to lead today. So at 10 am, still feeling a little bleary, I was back in the familiar embrace of my Brooks saddle, rattling down the road on my (as it turned out unnecessary) ice tyres.

We’d been threatened with all sorts – snow, ice, Storm Dylan – but what we got was light winds, sunlight, and scattered showers that miraculously confined themselves to scattering while we were in the cafe for lunch.

afternoon light

35 odd miles was perhaps a bit more than my legs were up for after a week off the bike and not much more than pootling beforehand, but it was absolutely what my body clock needed.

afternoon light

And while these are not Colorado’s blue skies, there’s something about our soft slanting winter sun that’s very pleasing to the eye.

last of the afternoon light

Especially when it’s a bit unexpected.