We’ll Weather the Weather Whatever the Weather

October 17, 2008

I find I’m using different words these days to talk about the weather. No, I’m not getting all colloquial, yet, although I like the use of ‘mucky’ to describe a particularly wet day, just lowering my expectations somewhat as to what constitutes a decent sort of a day.

So here’s your handy cut-out-and-keep guide to the new weather, new-speak style:

Not too bad – it stopped raining occasionally
Fine – it stopped raining when I wanted to go outside
Nice – it stopped raining long enough to put out laundry
Really nice – it even stayed stopped long enough to dry it
Lovely – the sun came out
Gorgeousand the rain stopped at the same time
Glorious – it didn’t rain at all, the sun came out, the wind dropped, and the one small blot on the horizon was that the herd of flying pigs passing overhead crapped on the laundry before we could get it in.

A similar re-calibration by financial journalists to describe the mood in the markets might come in handy, no? That way they won’t run out of superlatives by Christmas.