Bullet Dodged

January 3, 2011

Hmmm. All the conversations we’ve had since we got back locally have followed the same form. Once we have wished each other a happy new year, compared Christmas celebrations and so on, the discussion turns to the weather we missed while we were in Colorado. It’s been beautiful, sure, but it’s been absolutely bloody freezing. The lowest temperature recorded has been variously described as -12, -15 and -18°C, and if the huge chunks of ice which are still hanging about on the edge of the rivers are anything to go by those may be underestimates. Then there are the disasters, so far totalling three sets of frozen pipes (including one frozen toilet, complete with evidence of its last use entombed ice-age mammoth style in the bowl), one crashed van and three dead chickens (to put this into persepctive, we’ve only seen four people since we got back). And us? Well everything in the house has been fine, and seeing as we’ve been living for the last three years in the third coldest house in Christendom (the first and second being my parents’ last two residences) I find this a bit baffling. Add in our miraculous journeys to and from the States, dodging Snowmaggeddons at every turn and it’s beginning to look as if the Weather Gods’ vendetta against me is finally easing off, don’t you think?

In which case, now would probably be an excellent time to go up onto the roof and remove that New Year Banner before the wind gets any worse…

Back in a tick.