First Find your Veg

November 29, 2010

Hmm, I might have thought it was no weather for digging, but that was until I realised that a fair few componenents of our supper were still frozen into the ground. We’ve not had much snow (not compared to the east coast, anyway) but it’s been pretty cold and what we’ve had hasn’t melted so my first challenge was finding the parsnips and carrots under the snow.

My next challenge was digging them up. The first fork I tried wasn’t really man enough for the task. The second one was wider but had rather feeble tines and while I could get it into the soil, the soil wasn’t going anywhere. Just as I was thinking that we might be having cabbage instead, the landlord offered me a third fork, the really strong one, and I managed to shift a huge slab of frozen soil off the top of my frozen root veg. Then it was just a matter of cracking open the various lumps of permafrost and extracting my carrots and parsnips from them.

And then I had to carry them back. Stupidly, I’d not bothered with the basket, as I was only nipping up to get a few bits and pieces. That’s all very well but you’ve never really had cold fingers until you’ve tried rummaging through icy soil and then carrying a handful of frozen root vegetables home. Thank goodness for the Rayburn, and the strategically placed pair of oven gloves I’d had the sense to lay out on top of it before I went out – the perfect hand defrosters.

Still, at least some people – or things – are enjoying the snow. (Link probably only worth bothering following in daylight hours).