Gardener’s Question Time

January 9, 2009

One of the disadvantages of moving here was that – despite being effectively in the middle of nowhere – the cottage doesn’t have a garden, apart from a narrow bed outside the front. All fantasies of growing my own veg, let alone keeping chickens or the odd goat, were confined to two not particularly impressive tomato plants in pots and a herb garden in a sink that I’d brought up from London.

All this has changed, as I have now been given access to this:

New garden - mine is the bed at the front

New garden - mine is the bed at the front

– a plot in a beautiful walled (and, more importantly deer-and-rabbit-proofed) garden. Not quite enough room for a chicken or a goat, but plenty of space for veg, and access to a compost heap, cold frame and tool shed to boot.

So … what to grow? It will need to be a) edible, b) not require much in the way of sunshine and c) fond of a damp climate. A very, very, very damp climate.