Call me a Fair Weather Cyclist …

June 14, 2017

… but I cannot deny that my bike becomes a whole lot more appealing means of transport when the rain stops

Fair weather road

June has been a bit too Octoberish for my liking recently, but this afternoon the clouds thinned, the wind dropped, the air warmed up and I even took my gloves off

Add in the fact that the hedgerows are full of birds who haven’t quite taken their L-plates off yet, so are often still fluttering about around me as I pass, and of course the hares, and suddenly spending time on my bike becomes a positive delight, rather than the virtuous chore it can frankly be when it is bucketing it down.

Oddly enough, the sunshine doesn’t just make rural roads more pleasant to ride on. Even my least favourite bits of today’s cycling – getting into the Tesco carpark, the roundabout-of-doom where I swear I will meet my end one day, even the hill home – they all seemed so much more doable somehow, although the last one might have been the tail wind.

As a result, I am rashly planning a little mini adventure on my way up to Embra tomorrow. More anon. If I’m spared …


Top Tips for Gardeners…*

June 15, 2012

… before congratulating yourself on having staked your broad beans before the worst of the weather, remember that broad beans can fall over in *any* direction, not just in their rows.

Still, on the positive side, the depradations of the slugs earlier means that I have miraculously ended up with exactly the right number of cut-and-come again lettuces of different varieties to supply us with a steady harvest of salad leaves at about the rate we want to eat them. That won’t happen

*I was going to call this blog post ‘flaming June’ only to find that I’ve used the title before. Twice. Miserable weather in June is in fact normal. It’s just that we always remember June as being endlessly sunny and warm…