Hope 1, Experience 0, after extra time

November 22, 2010

Bleurch. What a day. I’m in Duns at the moment, having spent most of the day sitting in my parents’ ‘sun porch’ listening to the rain hammer against the roof (It’s always a bit of a trade-off between having to listen to the depressing sound of the rain and at least being able to see some daylight, however grey and gloomy). But that doesn’t matter because my mother and I have been visiting Seed Catalogue Land where it is always that moment in spring when the days lengthen and the earth warms up and the first shoots come poking out of the ground. And where they aren’t promptly eaten by something because in Seed Catalogue Land everything is hardy and high-yielding and resistant to all manner of diseases and delicious to humans but not to slugs. And where there are no weeds and no pests because you have purchased all manner of impeccably organic weed-and-pest-destroying devices. Yes, it’s seed-ordering time again, the point of the year when hope triumphs however fleetingly over experience. I love Seed Catalogue Land. I only wish I could live there all the time.

Still, tomorrow we’re heading back to non-Seed Catalogue Land where not only is it still November (seriously, how long does a month need to go on for?) but where I haven’t yet finished digging over my new vegetable empire. But at least I know that I will have some subjects to put in it when it’s done.

What are you ordering?


Off topic, but I’ve just found out that my photo of the other half whizzing through a puddle on a bike has been shortlisted in the EcoVelo  Why I Ride Readers’ Award photo competition (the photo itself is here). The bad news is, it’s coming last, although that might simply be because the other nineteen photos are so much better…