Do you Tweet Under your own Name?

April 24, 2010

You know, I could have signed up to twitter aaaaages ago. I remember when it first began to appear on the radar and I toyed with the idea of signing up then, like all the cool kids were. But I recognised that it had the potential to be the crack cocaine of blogging and I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend my life tweeting ‘I’m on the loo’ to anyone who was interested (and then obsessively checking my stats to see if anyone actually was). Then, of course, Stephen Fry got stuck in a lift and Twitter got really big, and it seemed like it was too late to sign up without looking like one of those me too people who signs up for everything they’ve read about in the Technology Guardian*. So I sat it out and waited for twitter to go the way of Friends Reunited and Second Life and all my favourite bloggers to come back and write proper posts instead of chatting to their twitterbuddies in the sidebar of their blogs. By then I’d found out, rather reluctantly, that twitter was actually quite useful for keeping track of breaking stories and not just a load of people telling each other what they’d had for lunch. But that still didn’t make it something I was going to do myself – my life is barely filled with enough incident to feed the blog, let alone keep up a constant stream of commentary:

Oooh, car gone past. And another one. And a tractor. It’s like Picadilly Circus up here.

But Twitter showed no sign of going away. Not only that, but not having a twitter account was becoming a bit like not having an email address, or a mobile phone: it wasn’t making me look as though I was being a bit cool and reticent and not jumping on the latest bandwagon, it was making me look like somebody’s grandmother. So I have cracked, and done the deed – look out for articles in the popular press about the ‘death of twitter’ any moment now. That’s usually what happens when I join in the latest craze, after all.

All that was left was for me to choose a username. No doubt, if I had signed up back when I first thought of it I could even have been ‘disgruntled’ but that has gone. So I’ve decided to tweet under my real name, or as much of it as I can reasonably fit into a twitter handle (they wanted to leave off the last ‘e’! Don’t they realise that makes me come from Lancashire instead of Yorkshire? Can’t have that). You can follow me here, and please do because I look a bit of a Norma NoMates at the moment.

Anyway, must go, because Twitter is calling. There’s three cars gone past in the last half hour, for one thing…