Signs o’ the Times

December 2, 2011

Unsurprisingly, after all this rain, cycling down to Papershop Village this morning we came across a flood in the usual spot. On the way back, I noticed that the flood warning sign that’s been there since at least the last flood, if not before, was still there, leaning nonchalantly against the wall and almost overwhelmed by vegetation. Thinking I might do my good deed for the day, I did toy with placing it slightly more prominently where drivers could see it although I still maintain that any driver who can’t see a whacking great sheet of water stretching across the road in front of them probably a) shouldn’t be driving and b) can’t see the sign. But then, big society or no big society, I got cold feet as I had this sinking sensation that my actually moving it into position as an unqualified person would just be the start of some endless highway-sign related litigation that would end up with me embroiled in a Bleak House-style court case for the next hundred years. And besides, those signs are heavier than they look, especially when they’ve partly grown into the landscape, so I left it where it was.

Be that as it may, as we turned into our drive we (and everyone else for miles around) were boggled to see a whole van full of policemen driving slowly down the road. This is about ten times more police than we’ve seen since we arrived here so either we’re in the grips of a major crime wave, or they were watching out for sign-related shenanigans or – more likely – they were lost.

You – and I – shall have to await my next trip down to the village to find out more.



Mixed Messages

May 4, 2009

Round here we are blessed with a large number of cycling routes …

Cyclists sod off

Cyclists sod off

… and the usual number of idiots putting up signs. This, I think, explains a lot about why cycling provision is still so poor in this country despite any number of government schemes to improve it. I did think perhaps that what they meant to say was ‘cyclists rejoin road’ but if so …

meanwhile, on the other side of the road...

meanwhile, on the other side of the road...

… why didn’t they just say so?

Gadding About

March 17, 2009
The rest of you, just carry on as usual

The rest of you just carry on as usual

It’s a strange thing, but I find that the more we do, the less there is somehow to blog about. This weekend we have been whizzing around the country and have variously found a lost dog, helped render someone utterly speechless, caught up with old friends, inspected some woodland, irritated a speed merchant and raided my mother’s wool cupboard – and none of it worth any more than a passing mention.

But now we are home and settled back into our cosy rut and with any luck some tiny incident will generate a couple of hundred finely honed words, a weak pun or two, and a rather feeble payoff line. Business as usual, in other words.

Fair Warning

September 8, 2008

road_to_nowhere ‘No road markings for miles’ said the warning sign, making the other half laugh as we passed it. I think it was supposed to tell us for how many miles, but the gap for the number had been left blank and the sign as it stood seemed enough.

When we lived in Maidenhead we used to joke that the town motto was ‘no access to river’ because it appeared underneath all the street signs in the better half of town. ‘No road markings for miles’ would do just as well round here. That, or ‘no ball games’, the killjoy’s favourite.

What’s on your road signs?