Sittin’ Here on the Bench

September 28, 2010

I think we are now finally prepared for winter.

We have our wood burning stove, in case it gets cold (if anyone had told me last winter that we’d be actually looking forward to a cold snap this year I’d have looked at them as though they were mad). I’ve got my everything-bar-the-apocalypse-proof jacket in case of rain, plagues of frogs and similar. And now we’ve got a bench. Or more accurately – and I can’t really emphasise this enough – the other half has MADE a bench. Out of some bits of shed that out next door neighbour had planned to use for firewood but couldn’t because it was burning too quickly in his open fireplace. He swapped them for some coal we had which we can’t burn in our stove and the other half spent an afternoon or seven removing nails and prising planks apart and salvaging enough solid material to make a bench and a hell of a lot of kindling. And then, for the price of the bolts and a tin of wood preservative he made a bench. This is far more impressive than knitting socks, because, hell, I can knit socks, whereas I know it would be a very long time indeed before I could knock up a bench even if supplied with a deluxe pre-sawn and drilled junior bench-making kit and a team of tame carpenters to assist.

So, we have a bench. And in case you’re wondering how that prepares us for winter – well, obviously we don’t want to be putting out a bench in the summer because that would have ushered in three months of downpours and frankly we’ve done that. No the bench is there in case the weather Gods decide to taunt us and our jackets and our woodburning stove with a mild and sunny pleasant winter. Obviously, that would be truly terrible, and I hope it doesn’t happen but if it does but we will at least have the bench so we can sit on it in the sunshine and dream about the day when we can light our stove.