A Matter of Timing

April 20, 2015

So pretty much lesson one of garden planning (apart from ‘don’t organise a major cycle protest right in the middle of April’) is ‘don’t go on holiday in May’ – and not just because May is generally when your garden will be looking at its best. Normally May is when I’m madly planting out everything I planted indoors in April, to give it the best possibly chance away from the slugs. Unfortunately, May is also when I will be in Southern California, helping celebrate a 100th birthday, not something that comes around too often or you can put off just because it’s a little inconvenient horticulturally.

So today I had to dash up to the greenhouse (and what a lifesaver it has been this year – without it I would have to be carefully rotating everything through the limited space we have on the kitchen windowsill, or then again, perhaps I might not have thought ‘ah loads of time, I can just shove everything in the greenhouse’) and bulk plant everything I could during the brief window of opportunity offered by the 5 o’clock pause in the onslaught of emails (also I’ve discovered that the only election coverage I can stand is that on PM, as it’s the only Radio 4 programme that fails to take any of it remotely seriously, yet Eddie Mair still manages to give the politicians a wrigglingly hard time, just – presumably – for the hell of it). So hello french beans (dwarf and climbing), leeks, pumpkins, spaghetti squash, purple sprouting broccoli and, for some reason that undoubtedly made sense when we did our seed order, three different kinds of kale. Hopefully you will all have emerged in time to be planted out before I leave. And next year, I will definitely not be budged from my plot between the month of March and August. Although I can’t promise to do anything about the cycle campaign…