This Brief Intermission in the Weather …

February 5, 2016

View from cliffs across Coldingham Bay

… brought to you by Duns, freak weather capital of the UK, which yesterday was hazily sunny, mild and calm. We even ventured to the coast for a very pleasant clifftop walk from Coldingham Bay to St. Abbs and back, with a brief stop for coffee and bacon rolls at the cafe in the harbour.

Shed in St Abb's

If I ever built a shed, it would probably end up looking exactly like this

Fishing Boat St. Abbs
This morning, checking the weather forecast, I noticed that Bigtownshire had a little weather warning all of its own, for heavy rain. And indeed as we drove up over the pass beyond St Mary’s Loch, you could see that the border was marked by the clouds closing in and the rain blotting out everything else.

Border sign

To be honest, we’d have almost been disappointed by anything else


December 26, 2014

No Boxing Day ride for me (except reminiscently in the Herald bike blog) but my sister and I did stage a daring escape to the coast while the children were distracted by a DVD, so we could blow away some cobwebs of our own.*

The sea views were spectacular

foggy coast



This was my second visit to St. Abbs this week. The last time we were rather taken by its tiny harbour, and the way the houses were jumbled into the slopes above it, each shed with a sea view (not to mention the nice little cafe selling generously proportioned fresh local crab baguettes).

St Abbs Harbour

It all looked and felt a bit more … elemental in the haar and the north wind today.

St Abbs from St Abbs head

Home tomorrow.

* we did leave some responsible adults in charge. And a few irresponsible ones as well


March 2, 2014

It is one of the few compensations of advancing middle age that you no longer even have to pretend that your idea of a good weekend might involve going to a festival of the kind that involve loud music, crowds of people getting off their faces, tents, and mud. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to let our hair down and have a wild time at the weekend…

I bring you the St Abbs Wool Festival, for starters

Wensleydale sheep

Meet the makers: Wensleydales (‘Wensleydale, Grommit!) outside the wool festival

wool from different breeds of sheep

There are breeds other than merino, apparently. Who knew?

assorted buttons

And if you’re tired of looking at wool (how could anyone tire of looking at wool?) there are also buttons

Followed by one of the highlights of the year: potato day (we’ve been here before)

potato varieties

From Accent to Yukon Gold…

Why should the Young People have all the fun, eh?