May 28, 2010

Top tip for all forty-somethings out there (hang on, that can’t be right, oh no wait, it is…)

Don’t try and get the full value out of your tennis club day membership by playing morning and afternoon after not having played for a couple of years. Let’s just say, the morning after, our ears don’t hurt. But that’s about the only bits of us that don’t…

Clearly, we’ve lived in Scotland too long.


What is the Point…

July 2, 2008

… of quitting your job and doing what little work you do do at home if you can’t watch Andy Murray being taken limb from limb / surprisingly going through to the next round* because the only channel you can get on your telly is a very fuzzy Channel 4? Our broadish band means Radio … five … live … sounds… a little… stuttery on the internet (my DAB radio has become welded to Radio 4 and refuses to be retuned) and besides, tennis on the radio doesn’t make much sense. Cricket on the radio, now, that actually makes more sense than it does on TV, but not the tennis.

Hopefully it will have started raining (our aerial only seems to work in the rain) up here and not down there in time for the actual match. So far – as far as I can make out – they’re just doing the court-cover hokey-cokey.

Someone let me know if he wins, will you?

*delete as appropriate