Tempting Fate

October 26, 2009

Sometimes I wonder if my habit of leaving the bike unlocked outside the shop is going to come back and bite me one of these days. Theoretically, I’m only popping in for a few seconds, but sometimes there’s a queue, and even if there isn’t there’s usually a tale to be told, or at least some bantering to be done, and second turn into minutes. And the bike’s there regularly enough that if it should catch someone’s eye… I’d feel a right fool if it was stolen, and I’d have nobody to blame but myself. And the person who nicked it, of course.

But then, but then. My London-issue U-lock weighs a ton so I’d rather not cart it about, and really what is the point of living in the country if you can’t boast about leaving your bike unlocked outside the shop to incredulous Londoners? And why bother fiddling about with keys and locks for my bike when everyone else doesn’t just leave their car unlocked, but their engine running too and sometimes – like the van outside the shop this morning, while the owner was inside having a chat – the driver’s door wide open as well.

One of these days, if it’s raining, I might just be tempted myself.