Coffeeneuring Part 6 – the End in Sight

November 7, 2013

Regular readers will be pleased to learn that despite much gadding about in the last few days (and a bit more to come), I haven’t been neglecting my coffeeneuring duties. Possibly I’m bending the rules a bit here by sneaking in a quick coffeeneur stop on a Monday, and a busy Monday to boot, but we freelancers have to take our coffeeneuring opportunities where we find them – and as Kats Dekker and I found ourselves with an hour to kill and a keen north wind to get out of (you know your city has a biting wind when even the Dutch are complaining about the head winds) so there was nothing for it but a visit to the Tyneside Coffee Rooms, which sit on the top floor of a fantastic restored Art Deco cinema.

Not wishing to risk the bucket-o-coffee problem, I ordered an espresso but compensated with an enormous slice of cake.

large cake and small coffee

Both were demolished in short order

cake and coffee finished

As for the mileage – well it’s hard to tell as the whole day was spent zipping around in Katja’s wake, and besides Brompton miles count double (with bonus points for carrying it up two flights of stairs). So anything from 1 to a million. After all, I had to earn that cake…