Gadding About

March 17, 2009
The rest of you, just carry on as usual

The rest of you just carry on as usual

It’s a strange thing, but I find that the more we do, the less there is somehow to blog about. This weekend we have been whizzing around the country and have variously found a lost dog, helped render someone utterly speechless, caught up with old friends, inspected some woodland, irritated a speed merchant and raided my mother’s wool cupboard – and none of it worth any more than a passing mention.

But now we are home and settled back into our cosy rut and with any luck some tiny incident will generate a couple of hundred finely honed words, a weak pun or two, and a rather feeble payoff line. Business as usual, in other words.

On the Other Hand…

October 22, 2008

… I’ve come back to the cold and the damp and a Rayburn that won’t stay lit. The other half has spent the morning rescuing clothes that have gone mildewed, even though they were hung up, and the dehumidifier is producing a litre of water an hour without making any sort of a dent in the clamminess. I have no doubt that the only thing that’s holding the frogs back from moving in and setting up shop in our bedroom is the chill in the air.

I read somewhere that water will soon become more valuable than oil. In which case, may I interest anyone in some damp-scottish-cottage futures? At least you’ll never suffer from liquidity problems…